Saturday, 25 August 2007

Collect $200 when you pass go

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Venice and Athens. This was my target in the month of August. Regretfully this is my most rushed part of my entire trip spending 3-4 days in each city, but it was still enough time to understand what each city and culture was all about. Travelling by bus between each city, BusAbout is fantastic, meeting new people, hopping on and off wherever i choose to stay and booking accommodation through them has made it very easy to plan this month, giving more time to enjoy myself. Haven't had a dry day in Europe yet, there are party's and people to meet everyday in the hostels. How long can my liver keep it up?... I don't know.

London is one cool city, with so much to see and do and a transport system that's very easy to follow, the only real downside is that it is bloody expensive. Spent a lot of time wandering around seeing all the major stuff as well as joining a free walking tour where our guide explained all about the history of the city as well as telling us quirky stories which made it a great afternoon. I learnt that London Bridge is NOT the one with the two towers on it, that's Tower Bridge (pic) and that Big Ben is referring to the bell inside the tower above the clock (pic). Yes i felt like the stupid uneducated tourist. With perfect weather and visiting most of the spaces on a traditional Monopoly board, i left London travelling by the Eurail train (under the water) to Paris which only took about 3 hours.

Spent 15 hours in Paris (where i would return again in December) and was off again to Amsterdam on BusAbout.