Monday, 27 August 2007

Thatsa nica pizza

Busing it through the Dolomites and endless vineyards from Munich to Venice was the most picturesque drives that i have seen so far. Massive mountains (Alps), a sunny day and different views around every turn, we passed the Italian border and into Venice after a 10 hour bus ride through heavy Italian traffic.
Venice being a very expensive city, my BusAbout accommodation was on the outskirts, 50m from the airport runway on a camp site where every morning you have to catch a 20min bus into the city that runs hourly. I had a great time here. Eating pizza and pasta and not feeling guilty about it felt and tasted really good (because in past countries i had the odd meal where i should be eating their national foods). Had countless Gilatos as the weather was hot, real hot. It reached 30 degrees today, no cloud and there isn't much else to do but walk around in it, so by the end of the day i was very tired. Gondoling through the canals and waterways of Venice was the number 1 thing i had planned to do here and that is what we did. Lauren, Nicole, Tori and I kicked back and took in as much as we could as our driver showed us around the main sections and back canals where you cant access by foot. Going under a few of the 400 or so bridges, seeing countless other gondolas and boats cruise past us on this Sunday afternoon made it a very relaxing ride. Took a bit out of the pocket costing 80 Euro but it was well worth it. Gondoling in Venice...tick!
Walked and walked and walked, got lost as a map is useless here, but it was fun seeing the city with no cars or bikes, just gondolas, boats and people walking around.

Athens coming up, i will write all about it when i get the chance.