Wednesday, 27 February 2008


After witnessing the awesome sight of the Iguazu Falls (pic) on the Argentinian side (better than the Brazilian side), we travelled to Uruguay for a total of 4 days. Stayed 1 night in Salto (not much here other than hot springs swimming pools) spent the last days in the capital Montevideo and had a few hours to explore in the town Colonia. Montevideo is huge, the city itself is just like any other major city but with a mixture of old and new architecture all over the place. Ate the local food and got to see a lot of the countryside. We ended going out on a Saturday night to one of the major clubs ´WV´(pic). Tired from a long 8 hour bus ride after camping on hard ground and getting up before the sun, i pushed myself to stay awake to go out. Clubs dont get lively until around 2am. We arrived at midnight and it was pretty much dead, however a few beers and chit chat with the group made the time go fast and before we knew it the club was packed. The next few hours were spent dancing to Latin American and Samba music with the locals which was a lot of fun. Clubbing in Uruguay, i never thought i would do that!
Next is back into Argentina for around 3 weeks travelling all the way south to Patagonia. Heaps of things to do but for the first few days after Buenos Aires, we have hours and hours of travelling days with free bush camping in-between and maybe the odd campsite. Mmmm... have to make sure the iPod is charged for this and stock up for Baby Wipe showers!