Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Falling Rapidly

I have never White Water rafted before and with a bit of peer pressure i was off doing a Grade 3-4 on a river in Bariloche - Argentina after making sure my travel insurance covered this activity. Blue skies, warmish weather and cold glacier waters was what was ahead of us as we travelled to the starting point where we all got kitted up and briefed on what to do. Excitment and adrenalin was pumping as we went through the first couple of grade 3 rapids unscathed and having a lot of fun. There were different names for each of the 10 or so we went through and some of them included, "Devils Stomoch", "Devils Tongue", "Vascelene" and the only Grade 4 rapid... "The Devils Throat" (pics). This is where things got a bit out of control for 3 of us in the raft. The path we took made the raft bump into one of the rocks tilting the raft onto its side immediately flipping me in the air and sliding/falling into the water. After holding my breath and coming up for air, i was then dunked a few more times as it was a lengthy rapid on the way downstream. The rescue canoe was there straight away to resue the 3 of us but as we all desperately lunged for the same handle on the back of his canoe, he ended up tipping upside down and so now there are 4 of us in the water uncontrollably. With more dunkings and movements which felt like a washing machine i was able to once again grab hold of the rescue canoe (when he flipped himself back up) and got back into the raft. The 3 of us looked liked drowned rats by the end of it, but WOW i had a fantastic time. No-one on the trip got badly injured, just a few lost shoes and earings. Everyone at the end of the day had a story to tell as we ate a massive meaty lunch that replaced all the energy used up in the water. (If you would like to see any of my photos larger, just click on them)