Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hoff to Berlin

Started off with a walking tour of Berlin, walking through Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Book Burning Square, East Side Gallery (pic) (Berlin Wall), the spot where Hitler committed suicide (it is basically just a car park where there nothing to say this is where his bunker was. There is a patch of grass in the car park that supposedly has the most amount of dog shits on it in all of Berlin when people walk their dogs past), the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (pic), singing with the Hoff on the bus as we entered Germany and visited heaps of other places where i learnt about all the recent history about this rebuilding city that i paid no attention to back at school. It was hard to take all the information in especially only having 2 full days here. Walked a lot, drank a lot of good German beer and had a blood and liver sausage...yuk! Made sure i went clubbing in a town known for its nightlife which was fantastic as we danced to German techno, hip hop and AC/DC with a very lively German crowd.