Saturday, 25 August 2007

Czechin' out Prague

On the bus ride to Praha we stopped off at a concentration camp called Terezin where harsh fates were given out for the Jewish prisoners. Most of them were arrested for different signs of resistance to the Nazi regime where 5,500 of them perished. 2,600 died due to harsh living conditions, diseases and torture, and at the end of the war, a typhoid epidemic broke out in the overcrowded working (not extermination) prison. This was a very informative and sad day.
By far Praha is the most beautiful city that i have seen in my travels so far. Went on another walking tour which took us around the old town, the largest castle in the world and many other odd spots. Shot some really cool photos at Kutna Hora church and learnt that during the Hussite wars there were many victims and with the plague that killed thousands of people, the church wasn't able to completely take in all the victims at that time. So an idea that one of the powerful families had at the time was to use the bones of the 40,000 people and decorate the church including a large chandelier (pic). Also went clubbing in the largest club in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Lazne. 5 floors playing different types of music. If you didn't like a song or DJ, you just had to walk up or down to the next level. With shots of full strength Absinthe it was a memorable night...just.