Saturday, 25 August 2007

There are NO kangaroos in Austria

Riding a push bike through the vineyards in the Austrian countryside is another day that is one of the best i have had. Joining a grape grazing tour with most of the people i met on BusAbout we tried 10 different wines (decent tasting sizes) from the region which is also one of the best in the world, we had Schnapps tastings and homemade jam/mustard tastings as well. Biking it through perfect 24 degrees weather, full sunshine and a cool breeze. We stopped off here and there picking and eating grapes, played a bit of beach volleyball, climbed to the top of a hill where an old ruin castle once held Richard the Lionheart, swam in the freezing cold Danube river, ate a huge meaty BBQ lunch, visited many wineries and finished off the tour with unlimited wine on the hour party bus ride home. What a day, the scenery was absolutely amazing and with only 1 person falling off their bike (he was fine) we were all smashed by the end of the day.
Spent the day before walking around exploring Vienna. Cobble stones and grand buildings everywhere. Only got to explore half a day as it started to rain pretty hard so what a better time to have a Nana nap during a Vienna thunderstorm.