Thursday, 13 December 2007

Madrid Street Performer (click to view)

It was a dark and stormy evening...
... and I just came in from a 7 hour train ride from Madrid through the pelting rain. Once exiting San Sebastian station, I could feel the cool night air and smell the ocean salt encrusted on the outer seal and door handle of the station exit. My overloaded bags made me move at a slower rate as i walked and ducked under shelter every 100 or so metres to escape the rain. My watch read 5:00pm. It was already dark as the wind howled. The sound is defining as she slammed into the next swell and white spray flew over my head, driven by the wind. As the rain kept pelting down, i took a chance and ran in the direction my hostel had given me. I was cold but at the same time the spray was refreshing. The water, the pain and the adrenaline are intoxicating. The cooling water mixing with the hot sweat inside my clothes. I was about 300 metres from my destination as i had to walk along the promenade. The sea walls and beach were being pounded by the storm. Cold, wet and hungry and in desperate need of a hot shower, i finally reached Olga´s Hostel. Speech was difficult. I went into my room and removed my shoes. There is no joy in being slapped in the face by wind and rain. The shower... very satisfying.

The next 2 days had really sunny but cool weather. The ocean was calmer and i had a good look around this surf/beach town. Got drenched walking on the 10 metre high sea wall as a freak wave came over the top. Got it on video footage! However my camera is now stuffed. I got to view the footage a couple of times before it now turns on and off when it wants to.

I didnt think much of Madrid. I went to a smokey blues bar which was cool and saw many street performers. (video) Not much else interested me here as it is the wrong time of year for any of the major events. But was good to check out.

Back into France until the 28th December. Bordeaux, Toulous, Paris and the surrounding towns in these areas. Merry Christmas and i hope you have a fantastic New Years Eve!