Saturday, 5 January 2008

France 'Encore Une Fois'

France once again! I had to alter my plans these last few weeks due to trying to find cheap and available accommodation, French transport strikes and the weather. After Spain i went to Bordeaux, Limoges and then i spent Christmas in Paris. I had a pretty relaxing time in the towns beforehand before reaching the City of Love. Top temperature was 2 degrees and it hit -5 during the night. I could only go out and explore between 12pm and 4pm as that is when the weather was at least bearable. So cold. I know everyone sais it but i would have to agree that Paris is one of the best cities in the world. I ate frogs legs and snails (pic), visited a French dentist, went to the Christmas Eve church service at Notre Dame, spent an hour walking down through the Paris sewers, went up the Eiffel Tower (pics - of it and under it at night), went to the Moulon Rouge (pic), waded my way through the crowd to see Michelangelo's Mona Lisa and walked and saw all the main tourist sites that had to be seen. Big thank-you to Florence whom i met up with from Spain and her group of friends for taking me out to their local bars and being my personal guide to the must see places and trying to teach me French. All up i spent 1 month in France in 6 towns where i have found the people to be one of the nicest in all the places that i have been.

The breast show ever!
Moulon Rouge, well what can i say. Pretty expensive but well worth it. After having dinner with 8 French friends i had made, i was off back to where i was staying which is a 2 minute walk from the most famous dance shows in the world. While waiting in line i witnessed a bloke getting belted out on the sidewalk by the security guards where the biggest, baldest guard kicked him with his US14 size boot just under the ribs! OOO that had to hurt. With my pre-purchased ticket, my seat was right in the middle and on the 1st level back, perfect viewing spot. The 2hour show started soon after. With my free half bottle of champagne i watched ventriloquists, gymnasts and random other impressive performances, a topless chic swimming with 3 huge snake serpents and 40 topless women with the best bodies dancing around with different costumes and backgrounds. I think there where a few guys dancing too, but i didn't really take much notice.

France was a lot of fun and i would love to come back one day (when the weather is warmer) and bike ride one of the stages in the Tour de France as well as explore and mountain walk the Pyrenees.

Next is New York for New Years and about 1 month in America.